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Rising out of Chaos (book)
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Biographical Sketch of Simon Peter Fuller
Simon Peter Fuller with the Peter Stone
Simon Peter Fuller with the 'Peter' Stone, Whithorn
June 2005

Born into poverty in post-war Germany, the author was adopted in England at age four and given the name of Simon Peter Fuller. After a privileged education and upbringing in which he became close friends with Winston Churchill and his family, Simon Peter received a conventional training in law before embarking on a more creative career planning holiday programs for a major airline.

The intensely varied experiences of this international life-style became a fertile ground for the perennial search into the meaning of life, and duly led him, aged 35, to a powerful spiritual awakening in Australia.

Since this dramatic event, his life has been subtly motivated by extraordinary guidance and decidedly unusual circumstances to fulfill what appears to be a designated global role in helping to establish the New Awareness that now brings hope and understanding to our beleaguered race---the story of this book.

Simon Peter now constantly travels the world giving talks and workshops based on Universal Laws and Ancient Wisdom explaining his understanding of the transformational times in which we live---notably through raising awareness of the Universal & Unified (Christ) consciousness at its Second Coming.

During his travels, he also works with like-minded groups to activate earth power centers and to realign the subtle planetary energy grid in order to assist the raising of mass human consciousness.

Simon Peter is founder of Wholistic World Vision, which is an expanding global communications network using the latest technology to re-educate humanity spiritually. He is available to give Talks, Workshops, Seminars and Retreats on subjects relating to this website as well as leading Power Site Tours. Please e-mail your enquiries.

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