Looking back to last year's Appeal we stated: "... and fortitude to handle what likely will be an explosive 2020"! Prophetic or what!

No need to go into the "Corona War" drama here, other than to state very clearly that any hardships felt in the (once!) rich 1st world are hugely amplified here in the already poor 3rd world, where a large part of the population live hand to mouth day by day and any interruptions (like lockdowns/quarantines etc) can quite literally mean rapid starvation. AND - according to official statistical projections the serious disruptions in supply chains already guarantees millions of imminent deaths in the world's most vulnerable regions. Here on the Paradise isle we are fortunate with Mother Nature's abundance year round and locally grown food supplies in general are fairly secure. But nonetheless as we found back in March, the really poor (especially their children with UNICEF reporting 30% nutritionally lacking in SL) still need quick support (see below) - not to mention regular begging hands & sad eyes at my front gates! Although Wholisitc World Vision has until now been mainly involved in (non state) educational support and improvement of building structures to afford some measure of dignity to the inmates, it's likely - in view of the utterly disastrous & sudden destruction of the global economy - that food support may well be top of our priorities in the coming year. Funds can be used to buy cheap bulk supplies of crucial missing items, which Wholisitc World Vision will then distribute based on local direction/guidance about the most vulnerable and government unsupported locations in and around Kandy.

Since we are all "one in consciousness" there is no "other", therefore logically by giving we only really give to ourselves! The issue is then do we love and honour ourselves enough to give freely to ourselves or do we hold back and deprive ourselves? The ancient system of tithing 10% of our annual income given freely is based on this principle and of course once released from the fear of lack, the energy is freed up for abundance to flow! So, why not create abundance and show love for yourself by giving?! This certainly sets the appropriate Aquarian vibe of "community and sharing" for the new Earth now being (rather painfully!) birthed!

"The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it." William James

"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you." John Bunyan

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." Dr. Loretta Scott

As always, it is an absolute PLEASURE for us to spend YOUR money in this way! And at least you know that every cent goes directly to the cause
(rare indeed these days with established charities taking huge admin rake offs and even abusing those they are meant to be "rescuing"!) Here at Wholisitc World Vision we just get on with the job of passing ALL your contributions direct to those who benefit from them - with no other agendas!

The 2020 Appeal raised 3,000 UK sterling pounds (21 donors) + 1,870 Australian $ (9 donors)

Distribution was as follows:

INDIA: Bruce and Anne at Tapovan in India (the Agni Hotra Fires Centre) have confirmed that there is now if anything too much water after years of severe drought! Wells, rivers, lakes and the water table are mostly fully replenished and - apart from Covid-19 - this special farm and community (including local school) is beginning to come back to life! The team there is SO grateful for the Wholistic World Vision support during their long crisis, which made such a difference! Wholistic World Vision support was not required in 2020.

SRI LANKA: This year Wholistic World Vision continued with educational projects as well as building restoration and food distribution to the most needy.

1) The TEA Project. Please look at the link to understand their aims and achievements todate. Racheal and Carl (plus 2 kids) gave up a comfy London life to follow their dreams of making a difference. Here are some update pics during 2020 showing the new project buildings now called "The Cloud". Wholistic World Vision contributed to the new main roof, helped with emergency food donation during the first lockdown and provided school learning material packs during the more recent quarantine when schools were closed and poor (offline) kids were not properly supported. The Wholistic World Vision scooter enabled outlying village kids to be included too.

Carl Gale - TEA director: "You may have seen our appeal recently for donations to meet the immediate need of plantation communities. Surviving on daily wages, the imposed curfews that followed the pandemic in Sri Lanka completely wiped out their income; their isolation only confounded the situation. With public support we were able to provide food for thousands of people desperately in need. Thank you."

2) Women's Development Centre, Kandy: : This "haven for the abused" was initially set up some 10 years ago with mainly Japanese funding to support vulnerable, poor girls and young women. All too many in this category are abused within their own families and then cast out "in disgrace" having to fend for themselves on next to nothing and usually carrying a child. Such cases islandwide are initially referred to this Centre where they arrive distraught and often suicidal. Some find the trauma too great at that tender age and don't make it, but others are slowly helped back into balance by a professional team and outside supporters in the community. Wholistic World Vision was invited to assist in refurbishing one of the accommodation blocks, so we donated funds and labour to complete the project. Comments from Annie de Silva - Yoga instructor and director of Prana Lounge in Colombo - who oversaw the project: "In August we started renovations on the girls accommodation and their learning space, completing 3 dormitories, 2 house mothers rooms and bathrooms and the communal living and learning area. We re-tiled and revamped the communal bathroom, painted the exterior of the house and all the windows, fixed new electrics, lights, fans, replaced the leaking roof and closed rat holes! The girls were SO excited to see their new home and are SO incredibly grateful to you all. I wish I could have shared a picture of the look on their glowing faces - they couldn't imagine that it could have ever looked like this. We are planning to return (post Covid-19) with a support team to paint mandalas and inspiring quotes on the freshly painted walls, as a reminder that they are loved and that there is a brighter and joyful possibility for their future."

3) Yoga sessions with the young Mums and their babies! Apart from the above projects, Wholistic World Vision also distributed various small amounts in food and general support based on the merits of each case throughout the year. This time, due to challenging local circumstances, we have held back a small amount just in case it's needed before fresh funds reach us!

Anyone wishing to donate to Wholistic World Vision can do so using various methods of international money transfer - please contact us for more information:

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