Wishing all our list members and Wholistic World Vision associates a happy and peaceful Christ-mas (within!) and fortitude to handle what likely will be an explosive 2020!

As always our focus at this "giving" time of year is on others less fortunate than ourselves and to see how best to support those in real need.

Since we are all "one in consciousness" (the only ultimate reality) there is no "other", so by giving we only really give to ourselves! The question is then do we love and honour ourselves enough to give freely to ourselves or do we hold back and deprive ourselves? The ancient system of tithing 10% of our annual income given freely is based on this principle and of course once released from the fear of lack, the energy is freed up for abundance to flow! So, why not give and show love for yourself?!

For some years Wholistic World Vision has run successful appeals to assist various small local projects that help the poorest in the developing world to sustain themselves and also to give some dignity to institutionalised inmates. As always, it is an absolute PLEASURE for me to spend YOUR money in this way! And at least you know that every cent goes directly to the cause through my own hands (rare indeed these days!). Here at Wholistic World Vision we just get on with the job of passing ALL your contributions direct to those who benefit from them - with no other agendas!

The 2018/19 Appeal raised 3,200 UK sterling pds (23 donors) + 1,800 Australian $ (11 donors)

Distribution during 2019 was as follows:

INDIA: www.tapovan.co A$800 of the Australian funds went to support a desperate drought situation at Tapovan in India (the Agni Hotra Fires Centre) especially to help buy fodder for the remaining cows. Happily in the meantime this part of India received the first abundant monsoon in 8 years and Tapovan is now back on its feet at long last. The team there is SO grateful for the Wholistic World Vision support during their long crisis! Any of you who have visited Tapovan with Wholistic World Vision and wanting specifically to donate to them this year, please indicate your preference.

SRI LANKA: This year Wholistic World Vision got involved with 3 local educational projects that specifically target the children of Tamils whose communities have been marginalised as a result of displacement over the years and whose wages as Tea pluckers (if employed at all) are still outrageously low (slave labour!).

1) The TEA Project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bHVG9rwVnc&feature=youtu.be Please look at the link to understand their aims and achievements todate. Rachel and Carl (+ 2 kids) gave up a comfy London life to follow their dreams of making a difference.

This newsletter shows the Scooter bought by Wholistic World Vision to enable outreach work in remote hillside communities still without any public transport services! We also contributed towards a new roof for the converted cowshed that is now used as the main classroom block.

2) The Auxilia Project: Tamarind Farm gave us the initial introduction to Aylanee (founder of this project) back in October, and the timing was perfect as her small school was urgently looking for new premises. Wholistic World Vision helped fund a couple of years rental so that the work could proceed unimpeded. Just enjoyed a charming Christmas party there with the young kids enacting the nativity play in full costume and with touching reverence! Here is a downloadable PDF report about the Auxilia project.

3) Tamarind Gardens Farm: https://www.facebook.com/tamarindgardenshomestay/ We placed another order for Rainbow Tours "souvenir bags" to support the project and contributed towards the scholarships they are now offering to become trainee cooks under the supervision of professional chef and co-owner Nalin.

4) Emergency medical assistance during illness to support really poor families losing income when the breadwinner is off work (including a 33 year old stroke victim working with us as a tuk-tuk driver). 5) Purchase of wheelchair for otherwise immobile elderly woman presented in the pic by Simon Peter Fuller's Goddaughter Anika (now 10 years old)!

Any sum is welcome and remember ALL hard currency goes a long way in the developing world! The LKR continues to fall - especially after the disastrous Islamic Easter bombings that devastated the Nations economy (especially tourism) + the new Corona virus scare - so your hard currency goes even further! Please contact Wholistic World Vision via email if interested in supporting us or volunteering with the groups mentioned above!

"As the purse is emptied, so the heart is filled!" Victor Hugo

"The human contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live." Ethel Percy Andrus

With much gratitude and love,
In the ONE,
Simon Peter
Founder, Wholistic World Vision

Simon Peter Fuller's Goddaughter Anika with elderly woman in wheelchair funded by donations.  
Rachel Ireton, TEA Project's Inspirational co-founder & Director of Centre Development T.E.A. (Training, Empowerment and Awareness)


Water tank Tapovan tanker
Capetown water tank Tapovan tanker
Tapovan school New roof, Sri Lanka
Tapovan school New roof, Sri Lanka
Rainbow tours souvenir bags Sri Lanka kids Carnival
Rainbow tours souvenir bags Sri Lanka kids Carnival

Sorry, missed these pics from Wholistic World Vision Appeal mail out!

Amptiya house support

1) House with the new roof (see above) replaces this hovel  (Hello), where a family of 5 tried to live in 1 room (if it wasn't raining - then moved in with neighbours!).

New school loos

2) The Wholistic World Vision new kids loo block at the school with the 2 friends who supervised the project.

School presentation

3) Simon Peter Fuller/Wholistic World Vision recently honoured at the school Assembly and giving out the awards for exam results with the headmaster.


4) Plaque presented to Simon Peter Fuller/Wholistic World Vision by the school in thanks for the new WC block.

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