THE WORLD BROTHERHOOD UNION - Mevlana Supreme Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey
21st International Symposiu
Wholistic World Vision address, 1st November 2015

In May, Wholistic World Vision was invited for a second time to participate at the annual Global Peace Gathering organised by the Mevlana Brotherhood group in Istanbul. At that time Turkey was rather peaceful, but with every passing month the country kept hitting the headlines and finally a snap national election was declared for the very same day as the Conference itself!

Tension throughout the country was of course extreme and although the election result eventually confirmed the position and autocratic ambitions of the incumbent authoritarian President, a gathering of 2,000 "peaceful" delegates from some 35 countries would certainly have positively affected the collective frequencies at such a critical time!

(Noteworthy also is that a small group of Wholistic World Vision associates visited the newly rediscovered powersite of Gobekle Tepe (12,000 BC!) in crisis ridden south east Turkey over the last autumn equinox).

"CALL TO WORLD PEACE FROM THE UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD - SUGGESTIONS & MESSAGES TO BE GIVEN TO HUMANITY ON THE PATH OF UNIFICATION AND PEACE IN A GLOBALIZING WORLD" - is organised annually by the "World Brotherhood Union - Mevlana Supreme Foundation" They presented the very large and profound channelled "Knowledge Book" to humanity in 1993 and, with the aim of studying it, have so far established 515 focal points in 37 countries - it's already translated into 15 languages! Wholistic World Vision helped launch the first of their annual International Peace Symposiums at the turn of the millennium in the year 2000.

World Brotherhood Union - Mevlana Supreme Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey - has again invited Wholistic World Vision to join the panel of this 21st annual Peace Symposium entitled "Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood - suggestions and messages to be given to humanity on the path of Unification and Peace."


INTRODUCTION - Appreciation for being invited back to address the Mevlana group in Istanbul - last time was 15 years ago in 2000 launching the first of the annual "International symposiums".

And just like last time, I plan to start and end this presentation with 1 minute of inward focus chanting together the sacred OM sound, so that we can all make our personal contribution to the Peace theme of this event by FEELING our connection with each other and all of creation as the ONE-NESS that we truly are (globally!). AUM or OM is the most ancient cosmic syllable connecting us to the Infinite Divine - no greater "Peace" is possible!. Take a deep breath and repeat the sound.....(1 minute of OMing by all participants.)


"Only when there are many people who are pools of peace, silence and understanding will war - or non-peace - disappear". Osho

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world - indeed, it is the only thing that ever has!" Margaret Meade

"Peace comes from within - do not seek it without" Gautama Buddha

"While you are proclaiming peace with your lips, be careful to have it even more fully in your heart!" St Francis

"Ultimately, no words are adequate to describe "peace" - perhaps feelings of unselfish love, connection, belonging, acceptance, cooperation and above all a deep sense of gratitude for the incredible miracle we call "life"? Simon Peter Fuller

Let's deal with the bad news first! VIrtually all the prophecies of the religions and indigenous peoples globally speak of the "End Times" in which we now live and agree that this is a period of major disruption as new cosmic energies and vibrations envelop this planet. Approximately every 2,000 years humanity experiences "bi-millennial transformation" when the astrological signs change and we enter a new cosmic cycle bringing fundamental changes to humanity and life on Earth. These are the times when "All truth will be made known" meaning all that has been hidden and concealed will be revealed - a truly shocking process that we can all see unfolding daily on the media and all around us! Of course this is not the end of our planet as some destructive religions falsely proclaim, but rather the disintegration of all the old institutions that no longer serve us - a chaotic process that is already well under way globally! Earth's energy grid (leylines etc) is currently changing to create a new foundation for life on Earth and any institutions/organisations and even people that are not vibrationally in harmony with the new frequencies will not be able to function/continue on the New Earth. In Eastern philosophies this era is called the Kali Yuga - the age of pollution - which ends the old cycle and prepares for a new Golden Age on a very different Earth with fewer and far more conscious human Beings in residence.

PERSONAL PREPARATIONS FOR THE "NEW AGE OF PEACE" There's no peace within a body that is abused by ingesting "non-food and addictive substances"! Not only is the third world starving, but large sections of the first world is also starving "nutritionally" - rubbish fast foods and oversweet drinks, genetically modified and irradiated (often microwaved) substances are POISON to the body. Just look at the catastrophic levels of obesity and diabetes! Clean air and water, organic food, exercise and regular healing sleep are all essential, because once serious illness starts inner peace is hard to maintain. Eating lighter food - preferably vegetarianism - quickly reduces the aggression caused by (hormone and antibiotic laden) meat that enflames the lower chakras and raises violence levels (especially in men) - the current phenomenal violence manifesting within Islam is a perfect example of excess carnivorism! An overactive brain or what can be termed the disease of "obsessive thinking" causes stress leading to sickness and shatters inner peace. Calm periods of meditation and/or contemplation in Nature together with melodic music and strong supportive relationships are vital for our balance - together with developing the skill of observation and non-attachment to "outside" events in our lives.

"PLANETARY PREPARATIONS": "There will be no peace on Earth until we are at peace WITH the Earth!"
With the recent advent of internet and cyberspace many humans are now living a "virtual reality" that is fatally divorced from mother Nature and her cycles, which govern life on Earth. No amount of trivial and superficial "Twit-face" social media and staring mesmerised into screens all day long is going to prepare us for the transition now underway. Indeed, the EMF radiations emitting from these devices are now known to be dangerously carcinogenic and mind altering! Some see the Earth as a mother in labour and that those humans close to her are her midwives helping to birth a new and peaceful reality. The Earth's body is made up of a subtle energy grid that contains power points (sacred sites) where ley lines intersect. For all of history, indigenous, Earth-connected peoples have honoured and "tuned into" such places to support, balance and assist the annual cycles of Nature. Wholistic World Vision has offered geomantic powersite tours and workshops for the last 30 years on all continents to reintroduce and encourage people to actively link with Mother Earth and assist in the necessary changes now scheduled for this planet (including here in Turkey, which now especially needs this kind of subtle work on her sacred sites and grids in the threatening current climate of manufactured "terrorism and warfare" here).

1) Religions: "The message of love and peace can be spread by constant dialogue and interaction between scholars of various religions" - Dalai Lama. Nonetheless, these are the times for graduation from and disassociation with dualistic religions projecting onto an external Godforce and instead to a spiritual awakening that acknowledges the presence of the Divine within each one of us and everything around us. Jealous, judgemental and angry demi-gods have no place in the new reality and once humanity drops these outdated and dualistic concepts then only peace remains in full connection with the Divinity that is our true Nature! Till then, sadly, religious fundamentalists are set to battle it out together destroying each other in the name of their "Only (loving?!) God". This is part of the cleansing of the race that is already well advanced in the Islamic Middle East with clear signs of increasing dysfunction and dislocation within Christianity, Judaism and even Buddhism. It must unfold to rid the planet of ignorance and spiritual immaturity.

2) Banksters and corrupt Finance: The materialist "western" civilisation is now to reassess its values and central to that process is the collapse of the inequitable current financial system. As we see, the bankers have now enslaved the people through usury and fractional reserve trading resulting in the super elite club of some 85 multi-billionaires (mainly Zionist) siphoning off the wealth of ordinary people across the world and leaving them ever more destitute. Before peace can manifest, a new more egalitarian financial system will need to evolve that is inclusive and supportive rather than exploitative of humanity. And don't forget the vital fact that we now enter a new digital era of artificial intelligence with traditional "labouring" jobs on a huge scale being replaced by computerisation, robotic automation, 3D printing, drone delivery and so on. Freedom from menial job enslavement has arrived, BUT HUMANS WILL NEED TO ADAPT TO THIS AMAZING NEW FREEDOM IN ORDER TO BENEFIT FROM IT! We often talk of a RIGHT to life, but we always omit the logical next step, which is a RIGHT TO SURVIVAL once incarnated on Earth. Not only do we need to sustain the biosphere of the Earth for survival, but also to ensure humanity's economic sustainability. So, why not WELCOME every human incarnating on this planet by giving them a tax-free, cash "subsistence wage", rather than print trillions of currency and only give it back to the banks and bankers - as is now happening in all the main economies? In return the only condition imposed is that each recipient performs positive social acts that enhance and strengthen the community in which they live. The amounts would be adjustable for each country according to its circumstances (eg USA currently assessed at US$14,000 per person annually and Switzerland 33,000US$ per person - the Swiss soon have a national referendum coming up on this scheme), while third world countries would of course be assessed at relatively lower rates. It would also greatly support economic growth, while anyone wanting to improve their lives from this basic wage level is still free to do so. Most would want to, so commerce and incentivised capitalism would flourish as usual, so this should not be confused with failed "socialism". It only needs the support of a critical mass of people to bring it about and we certainly have the ability to accomplish this on our resource rich planet that has more than enough for "everyone's need but not greed". This movement is called "BIG " or Basic Income Guarantee ( and it is gathering momentum. Just imagine, "at a stroke" poverty would be permanently eradicated and no single action could guarantee a more content and PEACEFUL planetary population! So, this or similar ideas need to spread to gain worldwide acceptance and implementation as the old "casino" system based on quadrillions$ of debt now rapidly collapses with dire consequences for those unprepared.

3) Psychopaths and Sociopaths in control: Defined as "an anti-social personality disorder with diminished empathy for others, the inability to distinguish between right and wrong or see fault in themselves, no remorse and with criminal tendencies". Well, that definition has just described most of the world's current politicians, institutional and religious leaders, bankers, military leaders and heads of industry and commerce!! Peace on Earth with such people in charge? NOT A CHANCE! Such people naturally gravitate towards power and control due to their ruthless ambition and lack of empathy with others. Mechanisms need to be initiated to ensure that they are identified BEFORE they can do damage to society - most especially in public office through the initial selection/election/interview processes. Kiniesiology (or muscle testing) might be one of the best methods to use as it bypasses the brain (with its potential for telling lies) and instead gets instinctive and truthful answers direct from the body's own responses.

1) Global mass mind-linking meditations: It has been demonstrated through the "100th Monkey" theory and others that since we are all "ONE interconnected whole". It does not need a majority of the population to re-direct mass consciousness. What is required is a "critical mass" proportion of the whole that thinks and acts alike in harmony. The Christian Revelations prophecy speaks of the "144,000" who, when awakened (presumably enlightened and self-realised human Beings vibrating at a high frequency), are destined to transform the reality on Earth in these End Times. The work of the awake and aware - such as those gathered at an event like this - is therefore to create and join in with all opportunities to mass mind-link for peace and love. "Harmonic Convergence" - celebrated on three special astrologically selected dates in August 1987 - is known as the first ever worldwide mass mind-link involving hundreds of thousands of like-minded people - in those days before computers. Just look at the amazing shifts in our reality that have occurred since then, including soon after the sudden and unexpected collapse of Russian Communism and the end of Apartheid in South Africa to mention only a couple of examples. Every December 31st at midday GMT there is an automatic mass mind-link worldwide attracting large numbers with people encouraged to visit their local "powersite" out in Nature for an hour, while they meditate and join in with like-minded others globally. When performed on "sacred sites", this process also energises and shifts the subtle energy body of the planet, so finding and regularly visiting your local place of natural power directly assists in the creation and strengthening of the new foundational energy now manifesting on this planet (as mentioned above): "The New Heaven and the New Earth".

2) Restoration of the Divine Feminine Principle: In the Revelations text received by Wholistic World Vision in 1989 and channelled direct from the Spirit world it states: Ch 3. v13-17, "And the Father will send to Earth a protector and she will be clothed with the sun and ride on a chariot of gold. And her name will be Gaia and she will carry the seed of life and her body will be as a womb for all that live upon the Earth. And all will know her, for she is the Mother of Creation. But she will not be known until the Last Days come upon the Earth, when there is darkness and decay".

Yes, the Divine Feminine has a critical role to play in these End Times as the Yin and Yang come back into balance after millennia of masculine dominance. The feminist movement was the first sign of this awakening, but it basically only exemplified yang/male energies with understandable, but nonetheless the unattractive anger and aggression of women. And THAT is NOT the energy referred to by the Revelations text! What needs to be understood is that the expression of the genuine feminine energy (on this planet of feminine attributes) of love, wisdom, compassion, nurturing and inclusion is irresistible to ALL and needs no force/power/aggression to succeed. Over the years Wholistic World Vision has been directly involved in such feminine initiatives to bring about peace through heart rather than head focus - few will know of the extraordinary women's initiative directed from Spirit called "Through Heart to Peace" that linked like-minded and courageous women in Bosnia/Serbia/Croatia with other women from around the world to counteract the warring energies. And they succeeded! Similarly in Ireland women from north and south met to sing their traditional songs on that land's powersites - especially Tara, where we at Wholistic World Vision participated and were told through Spirit Guidance that the hostilities would cease within months (as they did!).

3) "Councils of Wisdom" to replace "corrupt politics". Representative democracy no longer serves the people and has long ago been hijacked by the vested and usually corrupt interests of political lobbies, corporations and the very rich by imposing their choice of "programmed" candidates on the electorate. The indigenous peoples knew that Wisdom Councils were the only genuine democracy, because the people themselves elected known and revered members of their own community to sit in circle and come to wise decisions for their benefit. Of course this same principle can be applied at local, national and international levels - circles within circles or bottom up rather than top down democracy that directly represents the people's needs and wishes. Council members to serve short terms only in office and to include both genders, young and old and all social classes with "experts" on hand strictly for advice only - and, of course, with only modest remuneration and expenses "in service" to the community. A recipe for Peace on Earth indeed in sharp contrast to the naked exploitation we see these days of expense-fiddling "career" politicians, the disreputable servants of banksters and lobbies that bribe them.

So, here in brief are just a few of Wholistic World Vision's "suggestions and messages to humanity on the path of Unification and Peace in the world".

And always remember Mahatma Gandhi's wise words: "BE the change that you wish to see in others" - meaning inspire others by your own example of leadership & action!

Ending with another 1 minute of OM chanting together.

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