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Wholistic World Vision's charitable programme and annual Appeal

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Brief historical summary of WWV's global activities


Charter and Objectives

TO promote the understanding that humanity and all other life forms are an inseparable part of ONE evolving unit of consciousness - the Supreme Intelligence that IS 'God'.

TO explain the true nature and timing of the Second Coming of the Universal (Christ) consciousness, using the miraculously restored Third Book of the Apocalypse as the only available biblical authority for this event. This encoded and challenging text is a crucial 'missing' section of the Revelation of St John that was placed onto the Wholistic World Vision's computer screen in 1990 through direct Spirit intervention. Wholistic World Vision is charged with the distribution and promotion of this crucial information.

TO increase awareness of the subtle realms of Spirit that now play a vital part in communicating suppressed information capable of freeing us from ignorance, superstition and fear. 'Direct intervention' by Spirit through our modern computer technology is on the increase and Wholistic World Vision seeks to encourage acceptance and creative partnership for this all-important interdimensional initiative.

TO restore harmony on Earth by re-educating humanity spiritually in the principles of the immutable Universal Laws and Ancient Wisdom, so that we are enabled to trigger a 'critical mass' response by living an EXPRESSION of unconditional love, sharing, forgiveness, non-judgement, service and respect for each other and all kingdoms of nature.

TO raise awareness of our 'living' Earth's natural power sites and energy grids, and to remind ourselves that spiritually awakened humans with open hearts have the responsibility for activating and realigning them. As human and planetary vibratory frequencies are thus raised, so our unsustainable present realities will continue to be dramatically and permanently transformed.


WHOLISTIC WORLD VISION is currently motivated by its founder, Simon Peter Fuller, and those he has inspired through his numerous world lecture tours, media appearances and successful book called 'Rising out of Chaos'. Under Spirit guidance, he accomplished the 'Aeon Shift Ritual' by bringing the new Aquarian Cross from 'old' Jerusalem to Glastonbury Tor. Witnessed by many from around the world and in accordance with ancient prophecy, he raised it there on April 21st, 1990 to signify the start of a new spiritual dispensation for humanity. Since then he has travelled to all continents with this Cross working synchronistically on Earth's major power sites and declaring the Second Coming of the Universal (Christ) consciousness.

In order to make this charter of practical benefit to the many now seeking spiritual rather than mundane solutions to the grave crisis humanity has created for itself, Wholistic World Vision needs to attract an ever wider circle of like-minded people capable of MOTIVATING THEMSELVES to advance the cause of spiritual re-education right across the full spectrum of all human activity. We recognise that this is the time for all fully awakened humans to express and share their OWN spiritual blueprints, so that TOGETHER - as a critical mass - we can pioneer the next stage of human evolution on this planet.

IT IS TIME to construct a 'safety net' of interconnecting human 'circles of light' across the planet linked by the new communications technology. Once sufficient people are reminded of the Universal spiritual Truths, then waves of positivity will transmute fear and darkness as ever more people join the mass mind linking initiatives of recent years (starting with Harmonic Convergence in 1987) that have been so crucial in raising awareness levels on Earth.


It is clear that this contribution to word harmony can no longer depend on the resources of the founder alone! Those who share the passion of this vision will now need to ensure its viability so that these truths are brought to a far wider audience than one journeying alone can ever achieve. Wholistic World Vision expands and fulfils its purpose only through YOUR initiative, commitment and support at all levels. If you resonate with these expressed aims, then you are invited to contribute your energy to pioneer a 4th dimensional global network WITHOUT heirarchies and outdated 'piscean' structures. At this level of consciousness, we align our individual blueprints with the synchronistic unfolding of the Greater Plan and SERVE in humility and total trust - as the fully empowered Divine Beings that we are.


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Brief historical summary of WWV's global activities