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Introduction to Wholistic World Vision
- article commissioned by Odyssey Magazine, South Africa, July 2005

It is with a sense of great excitement that I contemplate a return visit to South Africa to address the 'Spirit of the Earth Festival' in Cape Town. My first experience of the country was back in 1988 touring with a spiritually‑minded group focussing on Christ consciousness and preparing for a festival of the Second Coming at Glastonbury in England in 1989 (reported in Odyssey magazine at the time). This was not long after my own spiritual awakening in Australia, which had been triggered as a result of many unusual life experiences that had begun for me (this time around) in the misery of post‑war Germany in 1947.

Orphaned and starving, I had been adopted aged four and brought to England to grow up as a privileged member of 'the establishment' ‑ and even as a neighbour of Winston Churchill. Some turnaround. With an education at the renowned Harrow School followed by a legal training, I landed a 'dream job' planning holidays. My life seemed to function quite well at a glamorous, superficial level. That was until I got involved with a group of healers and psychics in Melbourne, and nothing has been the same since. After an intense period of personality destruction, followed by a loving step‑by‑step reconstruction, I was reconnected to my spiritual blueprint after meandering through the many traumas of early 'growth'.

Perhaps not surprisingly, after the unusual connection with Churchill in life - which as a schoolboy also included standing guard by his coffin at his state funeral ‑ this entity continued to overshadow me. From the 'unseen realms' I also drew in other 'spirit partners' to assist in the unfolding of Wholistic World Vision. Among these was Mahatma Gandhi, whose early mission was enacted in SA at a site (his one‑time printing press) near Durban that we visited and honoured in a sacred ceremony not long before it was declared a Heritage site. Together in this ‘Interdimensional partnership'  we first carried out the Aeon Shift ritual, when the new Aquarian Cross (assembled in 'old' Jerusalem)  was brought to Glastonbury and raised in front of a large crowd from all over the world on the Tor at midday on April 21st 1990. Prompted by Spirit, I received the shape of this equal‑armed cross in a vision in my rose garden near Avebury and with its vesica piscis (overlapping circles) within a golden mean rectangle, it is a grail symbol reflecting inner balance ‑ the portal to non‑duality, Christ consciousness and self-realisation.

The geographical locations mentioned were used to enact the ending of the 'old' Jerusalem, Piscean dispensation, where nothing further of spiritual significance is to occur in these times, and in fulfilment of prophecy, the activation of the planetary 'New' Jerusalem Aquarian anchorpoint in South West England. I believe that it's interesting indeed that this region of Wessex then became the main global centre for the extraordinary phenomenon called 'crop circles'.  According to the American mystic, Robert Coon, the focal power‑site of a Zodiacal Age (about 2,000 years) shifts 30 degrees (1/12th ) across the planet from East to West at the start of each new  'Age', heralding a new spiritual dispensation.

At the same time, Wholistic World Vision received through direct intervention onto computer and without human involvement, the text of eight chapters of the 3rd  Book of the Apocalypse (the missing Revelations text). This long hidden information is about the true nature of the Second Coming of Christ consciousness, the rebirth of the Goddess (the Divine Feminine) in these times, exposure of false teachings and much else that the 3rd century Roman state church needed to suppress.

Armed with these two unique 'spiritual tools', it was then the task of the human element of Wholistic World Vision to travel the world with this message. Since 1990, and by following synchronicity and invitation rather than proselytising, the work has taken us to all continents on a journey with so many wonders that it could never have been imagined and planned other than by a higher power.

We've shared the story told here, created a network of like‑minded people committed to an holistic lifestyle and initiated and supported all manner of holistic enterprises. This is an entirely practical mission involving re‑education in the most ancient spiritual principles and the raising of awareness levels across the full spectrum of human activities. Wholistic World Vision is an Aquarian network without hierarchy, specific location or funding and expands entirely on the goodwill, commitment and common cause of its associates. In short, it is the dawning reality of a new peaceful, co‑operative, loving and enlightened world that offers a hopeful and sustainable future, despite the many dire challenges we face in these 'last days' of the old unevolved ‘reptilian' levels of human consciousness that still attempt to control and manipulate through separation and fear.

Apart from disseminating 'awakening' information to many networks globally (including South Africa) on the internet ‑ the major tool of the Aquarian communication revolution ‑ we also encourage reconnection with nature on our power‑site tours through geomancy involving earth energy and powersite alignments and activations. The subtle grids of the planet are susceptible to positive, joyful and heart‑centred input from humans, and as Earth now prepares, by the year 2012, to enter 4th dimensional reality, these grids and magnetic fields are rapidly changing structure. Once the subtle energy structures on which we live change, then the foundation of our current reality is obliged to change too. Attuned humans calibrating at appropriate vibrational frequencies are now assisting in this transformation and the dramatic and often inexplicable shifts in consciousness that occurred since Harmonic Convergence in 1987 ‑ such as the end of Soviet communism and apartheid, the fall of the Berlin Wall, together with many successful peace initiatives (such as former Yugoslavia, Ireland and Sri Lanka) and even prevention of the use of weaponry ‑ have all been initially prepared at subtle energy levels.

For example, in South Africa, the November 1989 activation of Table Mountain caused headline‑grabbing commotion across the country as religious fundamentalists went on the rampage hacking down 'peace poles' and attacking 'New Age' participants. Look back and you will see that the politics of the country changed drastically immediately afterwards and culminated in the miraculous and bloodless revolution at the 1994 elections that were also accompanied by much subtle energy preparation.

During the exciting programme of lectures, a weekend retreat and a national tour prepared by the organisers of the festival, I shall look forward to contributing once again to the ongoing and inevitable changes destined for South Africa. According to higher guidance, the lands of the southern hemisphere are where the new consciousness is being 'anchored and lived' first in the world, as an example to humanity. It seems that while South America struggles with new financial methods to replace the rapidly disintegrating and inequitable old system, so, through much suffering, South Africa pioneers the early stages in human racial harmony. The commitment of all conscious people is to help advance that sacred cause and as the pundulum swings locally, so adjustments are made. Eventually, balance is achieved. In the words of the great sages: 'Thy will, not mine be done'.

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