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The Second Coming
of the Christ Consciousness

The Ancient Prophecy Restored:
Mankind Set Free At Last!

The date of the 'Second Coming' of the Christ and the nature of the event have been among the greatest mysteries of the last two thousand years. Countless predictions and personal claims have been made over the centuries, but they have led only to disappointment, ever-increasing disillusion and apathy. Indeed, the entire subject has now become so confused and emotionally charged that it is hard to reveal its true meaning and purpose without either offending traditional religious believers, or inviting the scorn of sceptics. Most people will be surprised, therefore, to learn that this long-heralded event is already a reality and is currently manifesting among us at subtle, spiritual levels.

The Second Coming of the Christ consciousness is an event of such universal significance and its implications for humanity and our planet so profound that it is no longer possible to permit misguided and damaging Christian concepts identifying with a physical reappearance of the Master Jesus to go unchallenged. It is also high time to dispel the religious distortion that 'the Christ' is a an exclusive attribute of Jesus, to which no human can hope to aspire.

The Christ is in fact the essence of the God force that is now present within each one of us as an integral and inseparable part of our being. This was made possible as a direct result of the human and planetary initiation undertaken by Jesus the Christ at the First Coming. The purpose of his sacrifice was to liberate the human race from the duality of this third-dimensional realm of matter and its limiting belief structures, so that, at Second Coming, all those freely choosing and prepared could follow him by evolving into the higher dimensions. He emphatically did not come to save us from the consequences of our misguided thought, word and deed (sin) - the Universal Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) sees to that and automatically imposes restitution in an appropriate form but taught instead a Universal truth that transcends the dualistic illusion of our separation from the divine.

The essence of God, called the Father, is accessed, as Jesus demonstrated for our benefit, through an open heart and the wisdom to recognise the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life forms as one evolving unit of consciousness. It is this collective, holistic intelligence that is the 'God' of love at the centre of the universe and not some separative, judgemental, white-bearded patriarch of the demiurge beloved of Christianity! The Divine is now to be experienced within, as we gradually realise that we collectively represent the expression of the God force here in matter.

The cause of the mystery surrounding Second Coming, as is so often the case in matters of distorted Christian theology, lies at the hands of those who compiled the various books comprising the 'authorised' version of the bible. Powerful religious bodies and governments that cynically used the bible as a political tool of mass disempowerment. together with generations of 'interpreters', considered certain works to be unsuitable for general circulation. Thus many scrolls were withdrawn and secreted by the church. At the same time, and unfortunately for Christianity, 'unauthorised' copies of the same manuscripts were also hidden by religious sects defying the censorship of the central authority in Rome.

In recent years, many such ancient texts have come to light in the sands and caves of the Middle East. Yet invariably they have fallen into the very hands that have most to lose if the truth they contain were to be revealed. In the exceptionally few cases, including this work, where religious interference has been specifically prevented from altering, suppressing and even destroying them, they have been indispensable in highlighting serious discrepancies in Christian teaching. As the closely-guarded secrets of humanity's spiritual heritage and potential as Divine Beings and guardians of this planet are now revealed, the Holy Word assumes an altogether different connotation.

The Third Book of the Apocalypse is such a document, and it is presented here unabridged with guidance notes in its first ever English translation. Though perhaps unorthodox in its method of restoration, we can at least now understand why extraordinary measures were justified to ensure that this text too did not fall into the hands of those who would once more dishonour it and deprive humanity of its priceless wisdom. The stranglehold of Christian suppression and distortion simply HAD to be broken by whatever means for no less reason than the very survival of the planet and our race. Knowing this, we are advised to quickly absorb and act upon the critical and timely information it contains - much of which is anyway all too obvious to the detached observer of our collapsing world - rather than waste the little time now left to us in arguing about its derivation and authenticity.

This is the third book of John's Revelation vision long suspected to have gone 'missing'. The first two hooks known as the Judgement of the Jews and the Judgement of the Gentiles comprise the 21 chapters of the 'authorised' biblical version. All that remains, in heavily abridged form, of the third book is chapter 22. A detailed comparison between Ch 8 of the third book and CH 22 in the bible, which should he identical, is instructive. It shows not only glaring omissions, but also proves that the concluding chapter of the vision was deliberately brought forward to the end of book two, thereby disguising the withdrawal of the missing chapters and making the work appear complete. With the return of this text, greater sense can once more be made of the whole book of Revelation.

The purpose of the Apocalypse text was to prophesy the timing of Second Coming, the form it would take and to describe the conditions prevailing on Earth at the time of that event. It also summarises, as simply as possible, those aspects of the original vision contained in the first two books that are relevant to the present day. Careful study and comparison between the different texts is recommended, now that new light has been thrown on the many enigmas contained in the much amended and confusing authorised version of Revelations.

Although it was freely circulated in the early centuries of Christianity, the third book is understood to have been withdrawn by the Roman church in the 6th century and relegated to the Vatican library. Other copies have surfaced in the Middle East, the most recent being among the Dead Sea Scrolls discoveries, but they were yet again destroyed or suppressed by the religious bodies conveniently given charge over them. Perhaps this is hardly surprising considering its contents! It is in fact a time bomb under the Christian church that will finally remove the last vestiges of its credibility as a spiritual authority. The church long ago became an oppressive and divisive political forum, as well as a multinational commercial empire and now is the appointed time for its exposure.

Here, in 8 chapters, is summarised the divine prophecy relating to the 'Last Days' - NOT of the world, but of the old third-dimensional duality and its moribund institutions, which now visibly disintegrate around us. We are told no less than three times in Ch 8 that 'a millennium will pass, then near another and behold, I come quickly'. Those familiar with the astrological concept of 'the precession of the equinoxes' through the 'twelve ages of man' or the Zodiac, will know that the change of each 'Great Age' takes place approximately every TWO thousand years. This happens when the sun as seen from the Earth moves into a new constellation. Since First and Second Coming are obviously part of the current Piscean cycle, it is only logical that the Second Coming will be experienced when Pisces begins to blend with Aquarius at the end of that cycle.

Having established the timing, we then address the form of Second Coming and are told in Ch 7 'I will send the SPIRIT of My son, Jesus the Christ, that all will be made ONE with His SPIRIT and walk in the light of the Christ returned'. Ch 4, 'For the Christ is descended from the higher planes even to the darkest corner of the earth, for none will know fear, for the Christ is WITHIN'. 'All will be of ONE consciousness and ONE family'. 'Thus will end the cycle at the instant of the second coming of the Christ consciousness'.

Clearly there are to be no more Messiahs! Many highly evolved spiritual Masters, including Jesus, have come over the aeons to prepare a reluctant humanity for this initiation, but this time the spiritual awakening is being undertaken by the enigmatic '144,000'. The Apocalypse text explains: Ch 4 'They are of the 144,000 children of the first born and are of every tongue and nation. For the risen Christ is in their heart, that the word may be fulfilled'.

This number represents the 12,000 sealed in each of the twelve tribes of Israel long ago. It was foreseen then as the minimum number of spiritually aware humans that, reincarnated now, would collectively represent a sufficiently powerful focus of energy to initiate all those so choosing into the new consciousness i.e. CRITICAL MASS. Such people do not 'convert' others in the outmoded style of invasive religions, but instead inspire by their personal example. They demonstrate that it is ONLY by expressing unconditional love and sharing in our daily lives that we are automatically raised vibrationally into higher dimensional reality or 'heaven' on Earth.

Worshipping external images and projections of the divinity that can only be found within us, is no longer a viable option for a race now fast approaching spiritual maturity. This is the time of 'the sorting of the wheat from the chaff', when it is for each one of us individually to take responsibility and emulate Jesus' demonstration - in other words to 'Christ' OURSELVES.

The new dimension of awareness now being established on Earth by the 144,000 is of a higher vibrational frequency and only resonates with those in harmony with the next, more loving, phase of our evolution. Humans who through their own freewill still choose to remain in the lower vibrations of fear and judgement, thereby ignoring the many opportunities for spiritual awakening in these times, will not be part of the new reality initiated by the Second Coming. The text, which we are reminded not to alter, is full of lurid detail as to the fate of such people and is written in the familiar and uncompromising 'fire and brimstone' language of the authorised version! 'Eternal darkness' is a phrase used to describe the lower dimensions of consciousness, known as 'hell', where individual soul expression is forfeited.

Much other information relevant to these times is given in the text, including the restoration of the feminine principle to balance unbridled male intellect, aggression and control - the divine feminine being symbolised by the Earth Goddess, Gaia, as Mother of Creation. The true meaning of 'Divine Love' is explained and liberates those women so choosing from what long ego became reproductive enslavement imposed by the dominant, and usually misogynist, religious patriarchy.

There is also a detailed explanation of the process of communication between humans and the spirit realms, known as 'channelling'. Indeed, in Chapter 7 it says 'For the Spirit will talk through the prophets', indicating that, as is already the case worldwide, the new awareness will be initiated by spirit contact with humanity. Significantly. the Universal Law of Reincarnation, still taught in early Christianity, but removed in the 6th century by the 'Articles of Anathema', is emphasised as being the principle structure on which the human evolutionary process is based. Ch 6 states, 'All will come upon the earth a hundred, hundred times, and still will the spirit be raised by the Father.

Christian clerics, referred to as 'priests of the earth', were long ago prophesied to lead man into the spiritual wilderness, and those still clinging to that role, despite the clearest warnings, will find little comfort in these pages. Indeed, in these times of accelerating religious fundamentalism, it is more than ever worth remembering that it was a jealous and fanatical priesthood that actually engineered the execution of Jesus Christ - initiator of the First Coming.

A few quotations from the text will easily identify the negative energy in which such people work:

Ch 1 'The priests of the earth will not see the word, but make witness to the defiled word. They will call the book evil and make pain of the 144,000 who are of the light.

Ch 2 'And his servants threw out all the priests of the earth who had given false prophecy, for they had laid bare the earth. The defiled priest will lie with the beast'.

Ch 6 'For the priests of the earth will see the image of the beast and lead many into the wilderness'.

We are told that 'none who come as priests of the distortion will enter the new dispensation, as they have walked in a defiling of the word and are part of that defilement. They will lie with the beast, since they have brought the beast into being'.

In Ch 2 Christianity, itself equated with capitalism, greed and conquest is indicted for using 'the word' with utmost hypocrisy to serve its own selfish ends. Ch 3 explains this apparent paradox by stating: 'If there was only light, how could you chose that which is sacred, for only in darkness can you see the sacred light'. In the duality through which we currently learn on Earth, there is ample evidence to suggest that Christianity, which has manifested the exact reverse of Jesus' original teachings and demonstration, actually represented our collectively chosen path through 'darkness' in order to attain spiritual maturity by the time of Second Coming. With detached hindsight of its bloodstained, tyrannical and divisive record over the past two thousand years, we must now face this realisation and individually heal the deep trauma inflicted by the denial and separation endemic within such a negative learning process. Who can but marvel at this uncannily accurate prophetic warning?

The vision contained in the Third Book of the Apocalypse was given to John just before he passed on 'at a great age', according to Ch 1 verse 2. 'Having the ear, I John write in the spirit', it would appear that he communicated this part of the Revelations vision to his pupil, John the Elder, through the process called 'channelling'. When the work was completed, around the time of the Emperor Domitian (AD 81-96), it was sent for safe keeping in the form of letters with the previous texts to the seven Christ-inspired communities established in Asia minor.

Long suppressed, but now miraculously restored as a document of incomparable significance by those who lovingly guide man's destiny, this work is invaluable in unravelling the complexities of the teachings and prophecies of the once again complete Revelations vision. Here we have a profound warning from the higher realms, now expressed in terms readily comprehensible to humanity, that we are to focus our attention on a more spiritual rather than exclusively material path. Should we succeed in this shift of consciousness, we are assured of a peaceful and harmonious co-existence on the new Earth; one that is based on the sharing of Divine love and leads to 'Paradise and Bliss'.

As is well known, but previously ignored by Christianity, the last chapter warns us NOT to change the 'received word'. Although some of the harsh language and disturbing imagery of the work may not conform with more contemporary styles of expression, this is nonetheless an authentic record and it still contains the essence of the energy with which it was originally encoded. As the words used express this particular consciousness, they, or their exact equivalent in other languages, represent a specific energy that not only resonates with many people subconsciously at soul level, but also now acts as their awakening trigger.

Humanity's greatest obstacle is spiritual ignorance, yet paradoxically, all the Ancient Wisdom teachings ever needed to maintain harmony on Earth have always been accessible to those who Valued truth! Now, with the restoration and widescale circulation of this work, we have all the information we shall ever need to participate in the most thrilling event in our Earthly history. Since Jesus is now understood to have been born at the acronychal rising of September 15th, 7BC - even Herod is known to have died around 4BC! - it would appear that in 1993 we reached the period prophesied in the third book known as the 'last days'. As we now head into uncharted waters, we have little option but to open our hearts, trust our intuitive inner guidance and await the outworking of the collective Divine Will.

In the meantime, the living consciousness of mother Earth and those of her children so choosing are already in the process of aligning with the vibrant new energies that will soon raise them into the next dimension. It was for this glorious moment that Jesus Christ came long ago to prepare the way:

'He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also: and greater works than these shall he do'. John 14: 12.

'I have said, ye are Gods; and all of you are children of the most High.' Psalm 82.

'There is light at the centre of a man of light, and he illumines the whole world. If he does not shine, there is darkness.' The Gospel of Thomas 24.

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