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Revelation III book cover

Revelation III

The Third Book of the Apocalypse

The Eight Missing Chapters of The Revelation of St. John

The Prophesy of the Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness

© Copyright Wholistic World Vision. All Rights Reserved. Interested parties may freely distribute Revelation III information, unaltered, via the Internet for private use only provided all appropriate credits with contact information are given. For all other use contact Wholistic World Vision  Thank you for your consideration.

The greatest challenge ever to confront the Christian religion!

Critical Revelation text is revealed after 1,500 years of suppression by church authorities. Spirit intervenes once again to redirect humanity's spiritual evolution by restoring eight of the "missing" chapters of the Book of Revelation over the heads of the church hierarchy to those who will honor and disseminate this indispensable wisdom without changing the "word".

There have been numerous recent examples of direct spirit intervention on modern communication technology and the placement of this text direct onto a word processor screen without human agency is a graphic illustration of this new means by which humans and spirit will work together in the future. The most important teachings of the text include: The definition and timing of the second coming of the Christ Consciousness and how It emerges within open and loving human hearts.

Exposure of the "false priests" within the worlds religions who teach the return of an individual "savior" and still preach division.

Restoration of the divine feminine principle focused on Gaia (our planet) identified as "the mother of creation".

Recognition of reincarnation as the basic structure of human spiritual evolution and the illusion of "death".

" Channeling". The Inter-dimensional communication with spirit realms authenticated.

Explanation of the enigmatic role of the "144,000." They are the minimum number of spiritually aware humans who incarnated specifically to create a "critical mass" capable of raising all the human consciousness that chooses to evolve.

The "last days" explained as the end of 3rd dimensional reality and NOT the destruction of the planet.

Restoring balance of the male-female sexual polarity and how sharing love leads to 4th dimensional consciousness.

Clarification of the separation of the "wheat from the chaff", meaning that human consciousness will now be divided between those who LOVE or FEAR in accordance with individual preparation and free choice.

Our individual ascension of consciousness is achieved only by expressing unconditional love, sharing , forgiveness and non-judgment. 

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