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Celtic Odyssey Sacred Power Site Tours

United Kingdom


  • Stonehenge
  • Avebury
  • Glastonbury
  • Peak District
  • Iona
  • Callanish
  • Tintagel
  • St. Michael's Mount
  • Tara
  • Snowdonia
  • Crop circle phenomenon


Wales - Ireland - Scotland - England

W - I - S - E

We offer tours to Great Britain's

Heart-centered, Spiritual Geomancy

The Powersite pilgrimage programme offered by Wholistic World Vision is based on the understanding that whenever a like-minded group of people come together synchronistically in service with open hearts, then Nature responds and magic happens!  Awake and aware humans are "the Beings that walk between the worlds" and the Divine Will flows through them manifesting whatever geomantic adjustments are required at subtle levels on the powersites and in the energy grids. We don't need to understand intellectually, impose techniques or prove anything - just to be fully present, surrendered, and in gratitude for the opportunity to serve. 

In order to achieve the highest frequency we can contribute to this work, those travelling together are called to give of their best by being as conscious, heart-centered and respectful to each other and Nature as possible. Some twenty years of practical experience working globally in this relaxed and gentle way speaks for itself with a rich harvest of phenomenal experiences, as well as personal upliftment and healing for those willing to enter deeply into the spiritual ethos of what is offered.

In a stressed and outwardly chaotic world, let mother Nature restore you to health and balance and delight in your reconnection with her.



(Next departure 28th June to 1st July, 2022)

Day 1 depart Nottingham approximately 9.00am

AM: Nine Ladies Stone Circle on Stanton Moor for attunement to energies of Peak District: https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/nine-ladies-stone-circle/

PM: Rowtor Rocks Birchover. The druid cave rock carvings. A steep but short climb to this fascinating spot with views over towards Robin Hoods Stride and Arbor Low.https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/rowtor-rocks

PM: journey through Chatsworth - one of England's most famous country estates - onto the Historic village of Eyam of the 16th century bubonic plague. Overnight at Eyam.

Day 2 After breakfast we take a scenic route further north towards Castleton. Passing through the beautiful Hope Valley with views of the Kinderscout mountain range, over Winnats Pass and down into Castleton Village. Optional visit to Speedwell Cavern where we can journey by boat into the inner world of the underground cave system. https://speedwellcavern.co.uk and Peveril Castle. The imposing ruins of the Norman fortress which stand high above Castleton Village. https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/peveril-castle/
Overnight at Eyam.

Mompesson's Well Peveril Castle

Day 3 This morning we explore the many ancient sites of Eyam Village, including Mompesson's well and Eyam Boundary Stone.

Tour group Robin Hood Stride

After lunch: Arbor Low - the Stonehenge of the North and Gib Hill Barrow: https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/arbor-low-stone-circle-and-gib-hill-barrow/

Evening meal at Traditional Peak Village Inn. Overnight at Eyam.

Day 4 After Breakfast, checkout. After a visit to Eyam Church we continue to the Robin Hood stride area with its standing stone, ancient Hermits cave and rocky outcrops where legend has it Robin Hood and Maid Marion would while away the hours! Possible visit to Wirksworth stone centre. Tour ends in Nottingham late afternoon.

Next Peak District Odyssey tour - 28th June to 1st July, 2022

4 day fully escorted tour including 3nights B/B £495.00, based on 2 people sharing Double or Twin Room. £150 single room supplement.

Bespoke tours offered on any dates with relevant quotes - group size 1 to 12 max. Season: Between Spring and Autumn Equinoxes annually. For further information contact Andrea on: theadventureswithnottinghamnan@outlook.com

Andrea SelfridgeAndrea Selfridge biography: With over 15 years as a tour facilitator I am presently focusing my energy into the beautiful sacred land of the Peak District. Not only due to the uncertainty of travel restrictions abroad, but primarily I feel this area is opening up to the fifth dimensional energies flooding the planetary grid - with Arbor Low "the Stonehenge of the North " being pivotal in the role of anchoring these new frequencies. Past international powersite tours among others have included Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Greece.





Day 1. (3/7) Late morning collection at London (Stansted) airport followed by transfer to Marlborough, Wiltshire. The group meets for a 6.00pm tour briefing in our Marlborough hotel. Evening free to explore this charming 18th century market town and dine in the High Street.

Silbury Hill
Silbury Hill. Courtesy sacredsites.com

Day 2. Avebury landscape Temple sites including the Sanctuary, West Kennett Longbarrow, Swallowhead Spring, Silbury Hill and Avebury Henge. After lunch visit the Silent Circle cafe (www.silentcircle.co.uk) any local Crop Circles. Overnight in Marlborough.

A stonehenge private access visit is planned during the tour if space is still available at times of application (details to be advised later).

Stonehenge. Courtesy sacredsites.com

Day 3 Drive to Glastonbury (Avalon) visiting the Tor, Chalice Well, the White Spring, Wearyall Hill and the Abbey. Continue on to an enchanting riverside Inn at Bickleigh in Devon for overnight.

Chalice well Glastonbury tor
Chalice Well, Glastonbury. Courtesy sacredsites.com
The Tor, Glastonbury. Courtesy sacredsites.com

Day 4 We drive across beautiful Dartmoor with its wild ponies to enigmatic and brooding Bodmin Moor of Conan Doyle fame! Here we visit the Hurlers Stone Circles and the strange, natural stone formations known as the Cheesewring. After lunch we continue west towards Land's End in Cornwall arriving at our hotel on Cape Cornwall overlooking the vast expanse of the Atlantic ocean.

St. Michael's mount
Sunset at St. Michael's Mount. Courtesy of sacredsites.com

Day 5 We spend the morning visting St Michael's Mountain - where a vision of the Archangel Michael was once seen. Here the Michael and Mary leylines (west-east) cross with the Apollo and Athena leylines (north- south) - we have access to the crossing point on private ground for an attunement. Also time to visit the spectacular cliff side, sub-tropical Castle gardens and the inside of the Castle itself. After lunch continue to the holy healing Well at Madron followed by the Lanyon Quoit and Men-an-tol stone formations on wild moorland. Pub supper followed by a meditation on a hilltop overlooking the Atlantic at sunset (weather permitting!)

Day 6 We drive to Tintagel for lunch and to see the dramatic cave and castle associated with the magician Merlin and King Arthur. Meditation in the cave - tide and weather permitting! During the afternoon we visit St Piran's Well and then walk through the magical and tranquil St Nectan's Glen to the famous waterfall (always packed with "orbs"!). Overnight in Exeter.

Day 7 Heading back East, we travel through lovely countryside to Salisbury for lunch and a visit to the ancient city centre with its famous cathedral and tallest spire in England. On our way back to Marlborough we tune in at the ancient power sites of "Old Sarum" (the original mediaeval city of Salisbury) and "Wood henge". Farewell group dinner at our hotel.

Day 8 (10/7) Last visit to any new local Crop Circles (if available) and then on to the powersites of the Uffington White Horse, Dragon Hill and Wayland's Smithy longbarrow tomb. After an early picnic lunch, we drive back to London (Stansted) airport - a later drop off at Heathrow is also possible.

PRICE: £625pp on B&B in shared room - including transport and guiding (entrance fees extra). Single supplement £200 (limited)

DEPOSIT: £200 with balance due 8 weeks prior to departure. Refunds only if place re-sold.

RESERVATIONS: e-mail Wholistic World Vision.

We arrange itineraries to suit YOUR requirements
and YOU bring the group. There are also fixed departure
dates for individuals to join - see below.

This Ancient land calls to sensitive travellers - and many at this time feel the need to answer that call. The wise Beings of old, who had links with the Universe and unseen worlds, set down sites of power across the planet that could be used by humanity. They foresaw that we would eventually need to reach higher dimensions in order to heal the Earth and re-align her subtle energy grids. The dormant potential stored within these sacred places is now being activated through the love and commitment of awakening humanity. Have you ever dreamed of visiting these sacred places? Why not get a group of like-minded people together and come and make your unique contribution to the planetary healing process?

Simon Peter Fuller has been operating Celtic Odyssey Tours throughout the British Isles for a number of years. The excellent testimonials of clients confirm we have established a reputation for combining profound spiritual experience with light-hearted and well organised tours. As well as offering some fixed departure tours for individuals to join each year, our main service is as ground handling agents and guides for those bringing their own groups. In this way we can offer greater flexibility to suit the many and varied requirements of those wishing to explore the mystical dimensions of these 'Isles of Light'.

Simon Peter FullerSIMON PETER FULLER - author, speaker, lightworker and geomancer. Peter was trained as a lawyer and then worked for British Airways as a senior executive responsible for planning and operating their international holiday programmes. After a powerful spiritual awakening in Australia in 1985, he was drawn to live near Avebury, to dedicate himself to the raising of consciousness across the planet. Since then he has led many special interest tours worldwide and is well qualified to arrange transformational journeys that not only pamper the body, but also nurture the soul! The second edition of his challenging book, 'Rising out of Chaos' describing his own awakening, the work of Wholistic World Vision, and his extensive travels to major power sites was first published in 1994 and is now on sale throughout the English speaking world.

Some of the Sacred Sites we visit

Absorb the natural beauty of the unspoiled landscape and connect with ancient Celtic memories. Anglesey was the last stronghold of the Druids and the Snowdonia mountains are gateways to higher dimensions.

The magical and mysterious 'Emerald Isle' has so many fascinating places to visit. The breathtaking West Coast with its numerous sacred sites. The Boyne valley with the amazing energy centres of Newgrange, Knowth and Tara, seat of the ancient Kings.

Enjoy a peaceful retreat on isolated IONA, St Columba's holy island off the west coast. Perhaps the tall white stones of CALLANISH in the outer Hebrides call to you? This is one of the most powerful, but least visited of British sacred sites. Explore the world famous centre at FINDHORN and experience their pioneering work with the Devic and Elemental realms of nature.

GLASTONBURY The mysterious Tor, the sacred Chalice Well and the serene Abbey ruins are the hallmarks of 'ANCIENT AVALON'. Historical record and a wealth of legend tell us that the young Jesus visited this region with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, a rich tin merchant trading with Wessex. After the crucifixion, Joseph returned to Avalon with a group of twelve, who held the Christed energy of the 'First Coming', the Holy Grail. Experience for yourself the Christ consciousness anchored here long ago and now re-emerging from these power sites. From all over the world, the ancient tribes now return to the 'Isles of Light' to be charged with the sacred energy in order to share it with all mankind.

AVEBURY: The celebrated landscape temple of Avebury consists of many powerful sites, including:

WEST KENNET LONG BARROW: Enter into this tomb built by an ancient family of priests in 3700BC and link with their energy.

SILBURY HILL: Known as the Hill of the Shining Beings, is the largest man made mound in Europe. What was its purpose? Built around 2750BC, it is a pyramid of great power.

THE SANCTUARY: Originally a Goddess temple, later became a 'holy of holies', where priests would link before proceeding down a stone avenue to Avebury.

AVEBURY'S circle of Standing Stones, built in 2650BC. and the largest in the world encompasses 28 acres.

STONEHENGE: A private visit into this incomparable temple site is an experience not to be missed! Why was it built? What of its power and purpose today? Feel and experience its energy. We access the stones themselves by private arrangement (the general public is no longer permitted entry).


Enjoy a tour of picturesque Devon and Cornwall, visiting power sites along the great 'Michael and Mary ley-lines' that traverse southern England.

SAINT MICHAEL'S MOUNT is a romantically situated island fortress intersected by the Michael ley-line where fishermen in the 6th century saw a vision of the Archangel Michael.

TINTAGEL is the legendary and spectacular cliff top stronghold of the magician Merlin.

We also visit the 'Merry Maidens' and 'Hurlers' stone circles, the 'Cheesewring' and 'Quoits' stone formations, numerous smuggler's harbours and the new and highly acclaimed Tate Gallery at St. Ives.

CROP FORMATIONS: Since the late 1980s some two thousand enormous symbols have appeared mysteriously during the summer in the corn fields of mainly south west England. Many believe this extraordinary phenomenon to be an urgent spiritual awakening call from a higher intelligence as this race and planet plunge ever further into chaos. Season: Spring to mid-August at crop harvest time.

In these islands whose letters spell WISE, your tour guides will give you an unique insight into myth, magic and legend. Feel the energy of the sacred sites. Work with the subtle vibrations of the land and the megaliths using visualisation and meditation. Link with the 'Ancients' and learn to use dowsing to experience the ley-line energy. Visit the fascinating Crop formations appearing annually that are just part of the unfolding magic of this region and understand the vital messages they are giving humanity.

Our tours are carefully balanced to allow time for relaxation and shopping in charming towns and villages, as well as ensuring a most profound spiritual experience. Group channelling with Isabelle and illustrated talks about the transformation of consciousness in our times by Simon Peter can be included by arrangement.

ABOUT WHOLISTIC WORLD VISION. . . We are an international association creating a network dedicated to broadcasting holistic information and spiritual truth in these challenging times of transition. We are privileged to work in partnership with those in the 'realms of Spirit' dedicated to guiding humanity into the higher dimensional awareness that is now beginning to manifest here on Earth. Our spirit partners have also inspired us to perform a series of power site activations around the world.

OUR SERVICES: We are based in Wiltshire (1 hour west of London) and most of our work is in guiding people around Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Avebury, as well as lesser known local power sites and Crop formations in the season. The nearby and charming 18th century market town of Marlborough and surrounding villages offer a wide variety of accommodation. All the sites mentioned are within half and full day excursion distance, so we avoid unnecessary hotel changes and travelling.

Our quotations for small or large groups can include:
  1. Group transfers from Heathrow or Gatwick airports to Marlborough.

  2. Accommodation in or near Marlborough from three star hotels to bed and breakfast houses to suit all budgets.

  3. Coach, minibus or car transportation to suit group size.

  4. Site entrance fees.

  5. Guiding services (both for full tours and on a daily basis).

  6. Itineraries to Scotland, Ireland or Devon and Cornwall. Deposit and an advance payment schedule for services requested to be agreed at the time of quotation.

Why not organise your own group and earn a free trip?

For quotations and sample itineraries contact:

EMAIL: SimonPeter@wwv.me.uk

Let Merlin the magician inspire and guide you on your CELTIC ODYSSEY!

Our Tours are dedicated to personal and planetary healing, so please support them by copying and networking this tour information as widely as possible among like-minded people.

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