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 Where Christ and Christianity
 parted company

'Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates
of hell shall not prevail against it'. Matthew ch 16 v18

The 'church' represents the unified consciousness. The 'rock' is planet Earth and the time is NOW. It is actually at the end of the second millennium that each incarnate human has the opportunity to bring Jesus Christ's Universal mission to its fulfilment. In other words, WE are destined to create 'Heaven on Earth'!

Many have been confused and alarmed by the glaring contradictions within Christianity over the centuries since the Master first gave this task to his disciple Simon called Peter. With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that attempting to found a church based on a physical structure, initiated by the apostle Paul together with various Roman Emperors and politically rather than spiritually motivated male priests, was NOT at all what the Master had in mind! In fact, the imbalanced and distorted belief system they concocted and called 'Christianity' was light years away from the original teachings of Jesus known as 'The Way'.

He taught the Universal Laws and Ancient Wisdom in the tradition of the Essenes. Had the human race abided by these timeless and immutable truths, it would have been spared the rivers of blood resulting from 'holy' wars, inquisitions and the many other historically factual atrocities perpetrated by this first 'church' - all apparently in the name of the one who came in LOVE! Is it any wonder that Christianity doesn't make sense to most people?

Jesus Christ did not come to impose yet another religion on humanity. He knew as well as any spiritually aware person that TRUTH can never be accessed through emotionally based, second hand belief structures. Truth can only be experienced and known within as a living reality. Jesus the man came as an innocent vessel of redemption. By painstakingly preparing himself through total commitment , discipline and many initiations, he became - during his 3 year mission - the physical vehicle of the Christ or ' that aspect of the Creator that enters into conscious relationship with his/her creation '. At the crucifixion, by mingling his immensely high vibrational blood with the water and earth substance, he anchored the supreme frequency of the Unified or Christ Consciousness on this planet.

In this way and NOT by 'vicarious atonement' through blood sacrifice 'for our sins', he liberated (redeemed) the living consciousness of the Earth Mother and all evolving life forms here (including human) from entrapment through fear within the dense third dimensional realms of matter . The "Fall" or "out breath of God " was caused by our initial doubt and fear and heralded our long experiment with matter. Nonetheless, this process did through the laws of polarity give conscious expression to the overall creative impulse - despite the heavy cost of almost total human spiritual amnesia in the process!

Gaia (the Earth) in her restored and rightful role as 'Mother of Creation' is now ready, after a gestation period of 2,000 years, to give birth to the new frequency with which Jesus Christ originally impregnated her. THIS is what is known as the Second Coming of the Christ consciousness for which his mission long ago opened 'The Way' for each human soul. Now, if we so choose and having prepared ourselves entirely through our OWN efforts, we are empowered to 'Christ' ourselves and 'Ascend' into a higher dimensional frequency known as 'heaven'.

In order to evolve spiritually within the duality of this 3rd dimensional plane of existence, humans need to experience 'soul growth' through their many lives on Earth gaining direct experience. We learn in this duality by the process of reflection through the interaction of opposites. Thus, wherever 'light' manifests, so the 'dark' will automatically challenge it.

It is by careful discernment between these opposing forces that we 'grow', though it is important to remember that every aspect of creation is an inseparable part of the Divine 'wholeness', including even what we with our limited understanding judge to be 'dark or evil'. WE have co-created it ALL specifically to test ourselves and of course, one of the greatest tests of all over the past 2,000 years for millions of reincarnating souls has been the distinctly un-Christlike example and direction of the Christian religion itself.

Where intolerance and fear-based fundamentalism raises its ugly head in any major religion, it is a sure sign of the danger of its imminent demise. But , it is within Christianity, with its dysfunctional influence on the controllers of the world's most technically powerful nations, that it poses the greatest immediate danger to the safety of this race and planet. For this reason alone, it is incumbent on all free thinking people of goodwill to carefully investigate the origins of this flawed belief structure from a a strictly historical and non-emotional perspective.

Although Jesus gave Peter the task of establishing a new level of consciousness on the Earth, it was actually the apostle Paul who initially took up the challenge. It was he, not Peter, who is responsible for the foundation of what became the physical structure of the gentile church and eventually the Roman 'Christian' religion. He established it on an inspired, but nonetheless totally intellectual interpretation of the Master's teachings - what today might be termed a 'head-trip'. In so doing, he bequeathed humanity 2 millennia of inevitable theological confusion and mayhem at the hands of clever, but all too often UNWISE, male political priests.

It will be remembered that Jesus himself NEVER preached in a building, preferring 'the Temple of the Father, whose ceiling is the Heavens and foundation the Earth Mother'. The Master never envisaged his church as a physical structure, but rather the presence of the Christ wherever 'two or more are gathered in my name'. We only come to the 'Father' (self-realization) through the 'Christ' (the unified consciousness).

Paul also failed to give equal emphasis or personal expression to the heart-centered demonstration of Jesus Christ based on healing and compassion. The exemplification of 'LIVING THE LOVING' , was, of course, the mainstay of the Master's mission. Furthermore, by denying the vital spiritual role of women, Paul managed to unbalance the human male/female polarities, for which this race has ever since paid a heavy price. (It is well to remember that women were only acknowledged as even having souls at the Council of Trent in the 16th century - and then only by a majority vote of one!)

Progressively, over the next three hundred years, the foundations of ' The Way' were then systematically destroyed. Iranaeus, Bishop of Lyons, known as the 'Father of the Bible' , wrote his 'Five books against heresy' in AD180. His highly selective inclusion in the construction of the bible of what he deemed 'sacred' texts from the wealth of documents available totally rejected the Essene, Gnostic and Manichean paths.

This led to all Aramaic texts containing the truth of the original teachings being burned. Then, at the Council of Nicaea in AD325, the human entelechy of body, soul and spirit was broken, with the individual human spirit being denied and relegated to an intellectual quality of the soul. This infamy thus closed the gates of the spiritual worlds to the uninitiated masses, making them easy prey for manipulative and unscrupulous priests. From then on priests denied the guidance of the unseen realms that had up till then inspired the direction of whole nations through oracles, mediums and sensitives. Now, only 'the demented and unintelligible prattling' known as 'talking in tongues' was to be permitted, with interpretation monopolised , of course, by the priests!

Then, through the 'Article of Anathema' at the Council of Constantinople in AD550, the most serious assault of all was made against the immutable Universal Laws that govern creation and ensure human soul growth. Under the malign influence of the 'wicked' Empress Theodore - wife of the Roman Emperor Justinian - the then Pope (Vergilius) was prevailed upon to declare invalid the Laws of Reincarnation and personal Karmic responsibility (for our every thought, word and deed). The church quickly substituted the doctrine of 'vicarious atonement', claiming falsely that Jesus Christ would henceforth atone for all human 'sin '.

Thus, at a stroke, personal responsibility was replaced with the profitable sale of church dispensed 'indulgences' for the pardoning of sin! Having successfuly emasculated the original teachings, the church fathers now exercised control over their flock through fear of Divine retribution and the illusion known as 'death'. At this point the ignorance of 'theology' replaced the spiritual enlightenment of the great Greek philosophers. Europe was plunged into the abyss known as the 'dark ages' of unprecedented blood-letting through distinctly UN-holy wars, inquisitions and the destruction of millions of wise-women as so-called witches.

With them was lost the precious knowledge of the ways of Nature, also taught by Jesus through the Essene wisdom. Man's unbridled intellect and sheer 'cleverness' , untempered by wisdom, yet again brought us terrible misery. Today we face even greater dangers, with religious fanatics manipulated by priestly intellectuals only too willing to use the weapons of mass destruction now available to justify their unloving and non-universal religious interpretations.

So, we have reached the end of the Second Millennium. A time when the entire race faces the long prophesied 'Second Coming' - YET WE ARE VIRTUALLY UNPREPARED SPIRITUALLY! The church, after millennia of confusion and an inability still to comprehend the universal nature of Jesus Christ's original mission, is hardly the place to look for spiritual guidance now. Its lack of understanding has in any case led to a vacuum in its authority, which has largely been usurped by fundamentalists invoking the Revelation of St John to support their narrow and cataclysmic understanding of that, until recently, incomplete prophetic text.

It is perhaps as well that the long suppressed, missing chapters of Revelations, known as the Third Book of the Apocalypse, WERE restored to humanity in 1990 by the DIRECT intervention of the 'unseen realms' . History shows us how our partners in 'Spirit' intervene whenever humanity strays too far from the spiritual path. The 'miraculous' physical manifestations of the Ten Commandments themselves and the Golden Tablets of Mormon are but examples. This time intervention was accomplished through the great advances we have made in communication technology and right over the heads of the church fathers, so that no more controls or subversion of 'the word ' would again occur at their hands.

The text , launched with my book 'Rising out of chaos' in 1994, is now safely in the hands worldwide of those who know 'The Way' and have come to bring enlightenment to this weary and confused race. Revelations 3 will now act as a lazer beam within the Christian church to expose those divisive and negative forces that have long hidden within it. Furthermore, it will isolate them from those of good will and heart-centeredness, who know no other way of expressing their spiritual devotion than through the church. Here is but a brief summary of a most enlightening text that deserves detailed study.

Second Coming is the awakening of the unified consciousness in all human hearts that understand the interconnection and inseparability of all life. Such people live a practical demonstration of unconditional love, sharing, forgiveness and non-judgement, tempered by careful spiritual discernment. Only such Beings will automatically raise the vibratory frequencies of their physical bodies into the highest harmonic of love (the fuel of creation) that alone guarantees their 'ascension' of consciousness or 'rapture'.

Neither Jesus, nor any other 'messiah' figure that humans could again mistakenly worship will incarnate now in flesh. Humanity is required to sit an exam to see if we have learned what all the great Masters came to teach us - and obviously the teacher doesn't sit the exam for us! There is to be a sorting of the 'wheat from the chaff' as humans individually choose between love and fear. The higher frequencies of energy that daily increase this planet's vibratory rate will simply reject and remove ALL life forms (including human) that fail to raise themselves to the required levels.

There is to be a 'New Heaven and a New Earth' and we are told that ALL will change on this planet during the upcoming dimensional interface. 144.000 humans, already of the higher consciousness, are now incarnate on the planet in order to trigger a 'critical mass' response. This is an exponential raising of mass human consciousness that will assist all those choosing love over fear to raise their frequencies in order to be part of what is known as 'the harvest of souls'. Yes, we have indeed reached the 'Last Days', NOT of the earth, as fundamentalists so misguidedly suppose, but of the old 3rd dimensional, dualistic reality and all its fear-based institutions of human disempowerment and control.

Free will is ours by Divine decree and with full awareness of the significance of these times now restored to us, we must each make our own spiritual preparations and take full responsibility for whatever final choice we make. We are unlimited Beings with infinite evolutionary potential, but only if we surrender to the Divinity that has always been WITHIN us.


Simon Peter Fuller is author of the book 'Rising out of Chaos' (ISBN 0-9584065-4-5) , incorporating the miraculously restored text of The Third Book of the Apocalypse - Revelations III . He traces the historical, geographical and metaphysical linkage between the 1st and 2nd Coming of the Unified (Christ) consciousness - glorious, universal events beyond the limitations of religions that offer spiritual upliftment to all humanity. The books are available throughout the English-speaking world.

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